Pride Community Health Organisation, Shikoswe, Zambia

Pride Community Health Organisation (PRICHO) envisions communities that are empowered, able to make informed decisions and lifestyle choices, and effectively prevent and manage HIV Infections.
Their mission is to improve quality of life for people infected and affected by HIV/AIDS through provision of care, support and prevention services.

The local district has been heavily affected by the HIV and AIDS pandemic. A lot of households have low income levels due to the fact that most of the industries were closed in the early 1990s by the previous government. As a result of this, a lot of people resorted to risky behaviour to survive, and the HIV prevalence has increased to 19.2%. 
PRICHO’s Core Operating Values:

  • Integrity – truthfulness, fairness, honesty and transparency in internal and external relationships, communication and transactions
  • Excellence – professionalism and timeliness
  • Collaboration – PRICHO respects the collective wisdom and knowledge that emerges when individuals and stakeholders work as a team
  • Innovation – innovation and informed risk taking can enhance organisational learning

PRICHO’s objectives are to:

  • Provide Care and support to special groups (orphans and vulnerable children, youths, women and people with disabilities)
  • Disseminate evidence based information on HIV and AIDS
  • Promote basic and operational HIV and AIDS research
  • Provide efficient and effective prevention, care and support services to deserving beneficiaries in the communities
  • Provision of economically  empowering options to members of the community
  • Create safe spaces
  • Mobilise resources to support HIV and AIDS interventions at district and community level 
  • Promote and educate communities on environmental issues

To achieve these objectives PRICHO runs the following programmes:

  • Voluntary HIV/AIDS counselling and testing services
  • Sexual reproductive health and rights education
  • Prevention with positive interventions
  • Orphans and vulnerable children activities
  • Micro-financing for HIV and AIDS work

Please see their website for more information: