Ark Zimbabwe, Mutare, Zimbabwe

Ark Zimbabwe is part of the international charity, Ark, which is based in UK. Historically Ark worked on education, health and child protection issues globally. In recent years they have restructured to focus exclusively on education, aiming to provide opportunities to all young people, regardless of background. The work in the Zimbabwean programme had gradually been scaled back and was coming to a close. Its main programme is neo-natal mortality reduction, training local doctors and nurses to staff rural hospitals and clinics. In recent history in Zimbabwe, many health professionals emigrated because of the political climate, leaving hospitals understaffed and the mortality rate of newborns increasing.

The team in Zimbabwe recently won a new USAID grant for a large, 5 year programme focusing on maternal and newborn health. Consequently they are now rebuilding the team and country operations. Ark Zimbabwe will also be registering as a local and independent charity with a shadow board in place from Ark UK to continue operations after the project.


For more information, please visit their website.