Children Cancer Relief Kidzcan, Harare, Zimbabwe

Children Cancer Relief Kidzcan was founded in 2000 and registered as a local NGO in 2009. They are more commonly known as Kidzcan. Provisions for and awareness of children facing cancer is vastly under resourced in Zimbabwe, with only one hospital providing specialist cancer care. Mortality rates are high, which is affected by a lack of understanding and acting quickly enough.

They have been and remain the only organisations in Zimbabwe supporting children with cancer today. They help with diagnostics, access to the right drugs, treatments and blood transfusions and also transfer children to specialist medical care. They provide psychological support and train nurses and doctors on basic cancer care. Their volunteers visit children in hospitals, taking toys and providing emotional support.


Kidzcan try to sensitise traditional healers and community leaders to the symptoms and care for cancers and engage with medical professionals to research cancer trends in the country. A current project has allowed them to map types of cancer and where they are showing most frequently. Outreach projects in local communities aim to bring early diagnoses and treatment.


For more information, please visit their website.