Fundacion GLOT, Medellin, Colombia

Fundacion GLOT is a young Colombian registered NGO that promotes multilingualism and linguistic diversity as a means of education, social development and positive change in the community.


They run 3 main programs that are directed to individuals, communities and local NGOs:

  • GLOT Communities – offering language lessons and literacy support to disadvantaged children and youth from local vulnerable communities around Medellin, benefitting over 40 children from 3 different schools, aged from 4-15 years old.
  • ON-GLOT – offering support and technical assistance to small and medium sized NGOs, to help them apply to international partnerships and funds, and eliminate the challenges of the language barrier . As an example, one of their recent clients is an NGO supporting 30 orphaned girls, and with the help of GLOT they have accessed an international grant of $13k to develop an infrastructure project.
  • PolyGLOT – a volunteering programme connecting bilingual individuals with local communities, through cultural exchanges where practicing languages comes organically through activities and social interaction.

For more information, please visit their website.