Mision Gaia, Minca, Colombia

Up a winding dirt road, thirty minutes from the Caribbean coast of Colombia, the town of Minca lies nestled in the mountains of the Sierra Nevada, hosting the Mision Gaia Organization and their relentless efforts for conservation.
Misión Gaia is a non-profit organization that works to increase the wellbeing of the communities of the Sierra Nevada of Santa Marta. Their aim is to develop socio-environmental programs that help address the basic needs of the local communities and promote sustainable use of natural resources. Their programs help strengthen educational and environmental practices and the responsible development.

Mision Gaia works in three principal areas: animal health and welfare, sustainable development, and environmental education.


Animal health & welfare

  • Low-cost or free sterilizations and health clinics for dogs and cats in Minca and Taganga
  • Educational campaigns for the responsible care of domestic animals
  • Campaigns to increase the health and well-being of stray animals
  • Veterinary services including de-worming, flea and tick treatments, medical examination as well as pre-treatment for spay and neuter


Sustainable Development

Within their focus on sustainable development, they operate in 3 areas: Recycling, Sustainable Tourism and Fair and Local Trade.

Mision Gaia is working to create a better system of waste management for Minca as it becomes an increasingly important issue amidst the rapid increase of tourism to the area. In January 2015 they launched a recycling project in Minca to combat the increasing waste issue, involving local businesses, institutions, residents and visitors. They work to reduce the amount of waste, to value the waste generated, as well as to protect local diversity and water sources.


Environmental Education

Their education program works in three ways. MG provides the local community with strategies to reduce environmental impacts, helps strengthen the existing educational programs in some of the rural schools and  designs and implements educational content to be used within the schools and community to build a better future.


For more information, visit their website.