Recrear, Queretaro, Mexico

Recrear is a young social enterprise created in 2017, with the purpose of promoting and supporting local artisans and their products. 

Recrear started as an online platform that had the mission to reduce the digital gap between local artists and the consumers, and have since then also opened a shop in Queretaro, where they sell hand-made products from the artisans they collaborate with. With the intense promotion on all modern channels, training them to promote themselves and use e-commerce, Recrear has managed to improve significantly the lives and income of their 40 collaborators, who are simple people from the villages, who before have sold their art in the streets of touristic cities, wining a third of what they are wining in collaboration with Recrear. Other activities they conduct include the promotion of financial inclusion, renewable energy transition for the artisan’s workshops and increase awareness of fair trade and the value of raw materials, as well as fight the high consumerism of fast fashion and unethical production.

Their 2 co-founders, Beatriz and Maria, started the business by helping one poor mother to sell her beautifully handmade embroidery from the streets of Queretaro to their friends and colleagues. They realised that many of the talented artisans who live in remote villages spend more on the bus fare than what they earn by selling on the streets, while they were also exposing their children to the travel and the constant moving on the streets, as not to be fined by the police. They thought it must be a better way for these products to reach the modern consumer, and Recrear was born.


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