Quetzaltrekkers, León, Nicaragua

Quetzaltrekkers (QT) uses tourism to generate funds to support local organizations working with at-risk youth and provide financial assistance to underfunded community development projects in and around León. They have, at any one time a small number of volunteer tour guides working for them. The volunteers offer guided tours to the volcanoes surrounding Leon to international clients. Until 2018, QT was using part of their profits to support community projects in Leon:

  • A portable library and educational seminars in various public and private schools
  • Las Tías Grandes, an NGO that provides a safe space for at-risk youth in two day-care with daily lunches, school supplies, transport, scholarships for several children in the program, and the salaries of vocational teachers at the centres.
  • Proyecto Barriletes, an organisation that creates a safe, constructive environment offering children working on the streets an alternative place to be in.
  • Las Chavaladas through the “escuela movil” (mobile school literally a school on wheels, containing educational materials, and can be used in the markets where many children live and bringing the classroom to the streets.
  • Scholarships to bright children and youth who otherwise would not be able to afford education.

For more information, please visit their website.