Cambodia Knits, Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Cambodia Knits (CK) is a social enterprise working with marginalised communities near Phnom Penh. CK’s goal is to produce beautiful, high quality and unique hand knit products while providing fair and flexible employment opportunities. CK believes that employment is an empowering way out of poverty for marginalised communities, especially when that employment is fairly paid and works within the constraints communities face. For this reason Cambodia Knits provides paid training in knitting skills, and travels to the communities regularly to collect finished products.

The organisation also works in cooperation with other NGOs that are supporting the communities, coordinating activities and sharing information. As a social enterprise, CK reinvests profits back into communities it works with, because its core value is that putting people ahead of profit results in a great product!
Since June 2009, with the help of generous individual sponsors, Cambodia Knits has trained more than 25 individuals in two communities in basic and advanced knitting skills. These individuals are from families that have been forcibly relocated, and who have little to no employable skills. Once trained, all participants have the opportunity to produce CK products at piece rates. Knitters are provided with all materials and receive a fair piece rate for what they produce.
CK currently has shops in Australia, Cambodia, Singapore and the USA, and has branched out from Phnom Penh to train people in Toul Sambo, an area affected by AIDS and social injustice.       
Please see their website for more information.