Chab Dai Coalition, Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Chab Dai, meaning ‘joining hands’ in Khmer, has a membership network of 48 small, grassroots NGO’s in Cambodia, with the aim of working together to end sexual abuse and trafficking.

They were founded 11 years ago as a faith-based membership coalition, offering capacity building support to its member network and since then have grown in size and capacity. They now also run their own projects alongside the efforts of their partners.

Chab Dai have 48 member organisation and through their Coalition program have extensive experience in building the capacity of the member organisations. This includes strengthening their collaboration in order to inform best practice in their programmes and organisational development, and to drive the standards of care for vulnerable stakeholders.

Chab Dai’s long term outcome is for their partners and member organisation to have the institutional capabilities to perform their mandates in addressing issues related to human trafficking, abuse and exploitation as well as the ability to network and partner with various organisations in and out of Cambodia. 

Chab Dai run an advice and support hotline for victims of trafficking and exploitation, connecting them with legal advice, counselling, referrals to safe places and vocational training. They engage with government and international organisations to raise awareness and advocate for the provision of support for victims and those at risk.

Other prevention efforts include reaching remote areas which border Thailand with education and interventions, confronting traffickers directly and referring cases to human rights organisations.  

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