Children’s Action for Development (CAD), Battambang, Cambodia

Children’s Action for Development registered as a local NGO in 2011 and are linked to the Cambodian Ministry of Education. Their projects aim to support parents and care givers through improving the standard of living and creating a secure environment and educational opportunities for their children. They work to support and enhance the state provided education and support school dropouts. In Battambang and the surrounding villages, many families have to migrate to Thailand for work, taking their children out of schools for long periods of time. Without the means to catch up, many then drop out altogether at an early age.

CAD runs a Child Friendly School project which supports local schools that are often lacking in basic infrastructure and facilities, such as water, electricity and toilets. They help them develop and build their capacity, focusing on inclusive education, effective teaching, child protection and safety, gender equality, community engagement and education and effective school management. They also fund repairs, top up resources, promote library management and methods of retaining frequent or likely drop outs. Their second main project is Supplementary Classes, in which they provide extra free classes for those living in poor areas. The topics include maths, Khmer, English, IT, sports and life skills. They also offer meals and school uniforms. University students volunteer and are trained up to be the Community Educators delivering these classes in 3 educational centres around the city.

Other projects include Income Generation and Family Support, ReBEL Recycling and Mobile Library Project and a Community Health Clinic and Clean Water for Peas Community.


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