Dorsu, Kampot, Cambodia

Dorsu are an ethical everyday clothing social business who are committed to providing their staff with viable employment because they believe that people have the right to work in a safe environment, with fair compensation, and feel happy to go to work every day. They advocate the belief that we should “know the story behind [our] clothes and the person who made them”. 
As a social enterprise, Dorsu employ and train local women to relieve the snare of the poorly paid sweatshop or manual labour positions that women in Cambodia are so often trapped in. 
As well as the social impact they have by providing safe, sustainable employment, Dorsu also support community education development in their local area by donating a portion of their sales to Chumkriel Language School (CLS), an organisation that provides education and support to the community. Dorsu was in fact initially set up to provide funding for CLS.
Dorsu are in the process of expanding from a humble clothing store in Kampot, Cambodia, to a conscious clothing company working with local and international clients to increase demand, and in turn to increase their ability to employ people safely in a sustainable employment. 
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