EGBOK (Everythings Going to Be OK) Mission , Siem Reap, Cambodia

EGBOK Mission in Cambodia helps underprivileged young adults – mainly orphans – to achieve their employment goals.  The organisation works to foster the country’s future hospitality leaders by connecting young adults with a network of internships and job opportunities.

EGBOK Mission works with orphanages, vocational schools and other non-profits to give underprivileged students access to the employment opportunities they deserve.
Additionally, the mission works with students to educate them on the global hospitality industry and teach them how to create positive change within their communities.
Like all of EGBOK Mission’s projects, the Cambodia Project fosters the hospitality potential of young adults through teaching, training, guest speakers, tourism trips, hospitality trips, preparation and community building. They are  devoted to connecting young adults with their potential as hospitality professionals. The students EGBOK works with often lack an understanding of the different jobs that make hospitality businesses run, yet many economies thrive on these service organisations.
EGBOK brings the industry to them through education and training. It does this through a number of ways:
Teaching; Through classes focused on different aspects of the hospitality industry, students are engaged and motivated to learn the ins and outs of service professions. EGBOK works with teachers and students in hospitality classes and related hands-on learning, providing an introduction to potential opportunities in the industry and perspective on the global industry and what it entails.
Training; Through demonstrations and practice, a range of skills needed for hospitality work are coached. Many aspects of the business are addressed, including hotel check-in procedures, restaurant service and etiquette, computer skills, English language where it applies, driver training and culinary classes, among others.
Guest Speakers; Guests range from travel agents to finance professionals who students can connect with first hand. These lectures provide students with the opportunity to explore different careers and ask questions about the speakers’ careers and life experiences, not to mention the chance to meet new people and begin to establish professional networks they can reach out to when the time comes.
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