Fairweave, Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Fairweave was born out of another of our Cambodian partner organisations. It was started by Chomnab Ho, the former Operations Supervisor at Cambodia Knits. This new enterprise became a formal business in 2013 and shares offices and warehouse space with Cambodia Knits and Khmer Creations (also an AfID partner). All three entities aim to create opportunities for Cambodian women, allowing them to become socially, politically and economically independent, to live without fear, violence and exploitation. This is achieved through providing an alternative means of employment, making handicrafts which are sold for profit.

The women at Faireweave produce weaving and crafts, such as scarfs, throws and cushions, which are then sold to generate profits. They use local materials, natural dyes and traditional methods. Fairweave provides opportunities to women from rural communities, training them in crafting design and techniques, small business management and Fairtrade practices. They are currently working with about 60 women from the surrounding countryside.

Chomnab began Fairweave with his existing networks from his work with Cambodia Knits, it was born out of a project he had been working on that ran out of funding. He found that the community were then left without a platform to sell their produce. Fairweave operates with a similar ethos to its collaborating partners, Khmer Creations and Cambodia Knits – working to empower local women with fair and safe working environments and bringing financial self-sufficiency. The three organisations run a joint venture called Cambodian Creations, which is a shop in which to sell their products.


For more information, please visit their website.