First Step Cambodia, Phnom Penh, Cambodia

First Step Cambodia was founded in 2010 as the first NGO in Cambodia to focus on the prevention of sexual abuse and support for its victims for specifically boys. Preventing the abuse of children has long been a global concern but this is primarily focused on girls. In Cambodia rates of sexual abuse against boys has a higher prevalence but unfortunately in a traditionally patriarchal society, it can be taken less seriously and adequate support is not widely given. Since their initiation First Step have gone further to extend their support to all children affected, providing counselling and therapy to both those who have survived violence and also children who are perpetrators of sexual violence themselves. Still, boys remain their largest beneficiary group as they continue to be the only organisation providing this support.

Alongside directly supporting the children affected, First Step also raise awareness amongst key community stakeholders, including teachers, parents and schools. They aim to educate people in how to spot and prevent abuse from happening.

Their work with families affected by sexual abuse include training in alcohol abuse, supervision and sexually harmful behaviour and social care for survivors, amongst other areas. They run and participate in numerous networks to collaborate and share information and sustainable solutions. First Step also deliver capacity building training to professionals working in this field. Meanwhile they are conducting research and publicising results in global forums to increase provisions for boys internationally and are partnered with big international donors such as USAID, Save the Children and World Childhood Foundation.


For more information, please visit their website.