Kopila, Koirala Marga, Nepal

Kopila Nepal is a non-profit making, non-sectarian, non-government organisation established in 2001. The organisation is committed to creating an enabling environment for all children to enjoy their right to education, while improving the community as a whole. Education for children requires multi-group involvement and effort, therefore Kopila Nepal works with all members of the community to ensure quality education and the psychosocial wellbeing of children and young people.
In Nepali, the world 'kopila' means 'flower bud', something delicate that needs nurturing and protecting until it comes into flower. Kopila Nepal, having recognised the severe psycho-social impact of the civil conflict, disability, gender, and caste discrimination, as well as domestic violence and sexual abuse (particular in rural communities), spearheaded a project targeting psychosocial wellbeing in rural areas of Nepal, with the aim of ensuring that people at all levels have awareness, capacity, and support to promote and maintian psychosocial wellbeing.
Kopila Nepal is committed to preventing psychological problems in rural people through awareness and education, providing counselling and treatment for those who are affected by psychosocial problems, ending gender discrimination and domestic violence against women and girls and improving the independence of single women (widows) through vocational training, income generation and legal awareness.
Some of Kopila’s current projects include:

  • Community empowerment for gender discrimination- aims to reduce domestic violence to women and girls and increase women’s participation in local level decision making.
  • Community Based Psychosocial Wellbeing – aims to create awareness on psychological trauma and other type of psychosocial problems.
  • School support and Student Exchange – this project provides support to primary schools to improve their physical facilities, furniture, and drinking water supply and toilet construction, in addition to sending exchange students to Japan for further education.

Since Kopila Nepal was founded, the NGO has experienced strong organic growth in line with local community needs, and it has clear plans for future expansion.
Please see their website for more information: www.kopilanepal.org

 Some of the children who receive their education from Kopila.