Samrakshak Samuha Nepal (SASANE), Katmandu, Nepal

SASANE was founded in 2008 by women human trafficking survivors. Its mission is to support and empower survivors of human trafficking and gender-based violence and girls at risk of being trafficked or re-trafficked whilst equipping them with skills, and knowledge to become leaders of their community.


SASANE has 4 programmes:

  • Paralegal Training Program: empowers survivors by providing education, employment skills, a 6-month internship at a police station, and 2-month preparation for the District Court Paralegal Certification Examination. The programme allows women to practice as paralegals in Nepalese courts and administrative offices.
  • School Awareness Program: SASANE’s paralegals provide anti-trafficking awareness programs to 60 government schools in the Kathmandu Valley to educate children from marginalized backgrounds to decrease risk of being trafficked
  • Mountain Village Education Program: paralegals raise awareness among rural communities about the realities of human trafficking, provide literacy skills and education on how to protect themselves from traffickers and gender-based violence.
  • Sisterhood of Survivors Tourism Program: provides women survivors without a school diploma with education and training for employment in the tourism industry in Nepal.


For more information, please visit their website.