How much does it cost?

Volunteer Placement Fee

Placement Fee                                                               £595.00
'Plus One' Placement Fee                                               £495.00    
(payable if your partner/friend/colleague volunteers with you)

Returning Volunteer Discount (per placement; max. 4)   £50.00 

Workshop Attendee Discount (one-off discount)             £50.00  

[Assignments covering both flights & accommodation will incur a £400 surcharge] Click for more.



In the majority of cases volunteers are responsible for their own travel, insurance & visas however we will support you with all the necessary arrangements. Each assignment will offer a range of accommodation options at differing costs. It is worth noting we have a good selection of partners that offer homestays or a room in their volunteer accommodation free of charge or at a very low cost which may also include meals.

On occasion we receive urgent requests from our larger partner organisations for volunteers to address and resolve specific, often unforeseen issues. You are likely to be first and possibly the only volunteer, as it is hoped that a follow-on assignment would not be required. For assignments of this nature often flights and accommodation will be provided with a surcharge of £400. Please note a longer assignment commitment is typically required and volunteers will often be required to attend an interview (telephone/ video) and possibly a pre-departure induction.
We are committed to creating assignments that will closely match your budget and we are happy to give expert advice on the many possible savings that can be made on each cost element. We have now placed over 1000 accountants on assignment in 53 countries and picked up a great deal of expertise and we will naturally pass this on to you along with our past volunteer’s cost saving tips.

Do you have any advice for volunteers travelling on a limited budget?

We are conscious that volunteers are keen to ensure that their travel costs are kept as low as possible and therefore we will always create assignments that closely match your budget. 

We have detailed information on the costs associated with all our assignments and the facilities offered by all our partners. We are able to source exciting assignment options for volunteers on a range of budgets. Please contact us if you have any concerns relating to assignment costs as we are happy to discuss the best options available to you.

Low Cost Flights
Booking flights several months in advance will keep the price down, therefore we are happy to secure assignment dates many months before your preferred departure date. Weekday departures, flights during school term-time and flights with stopovers will be also cheaper. Our partner’s availability is often very flexible, so assignments can usually be arranged around the best flight times for you. Our team found that on average you are likely to save £300 ($450) if you fly during off-peak periods.
Top Tip; If you can be flexible with travel dates use flight comparison sites, such as Netflights and Skyscanner to compare flights on different dates and flying with different airlines.

Free & Low Cost Accommodation
We have a good selection of partners that offer homestays or a room in their volunteer accommodation free of charge or at a very low cost. Some partner organisations will cover the costs of guest house accommodation. For longer assignments some of our volunteers have rented accommodation individually or sharing with other local volunteers. This has reduced costs by as much as 75% and the kitchen facilities enable further reductions as food can be prepared in the home instead of using guest houses or local restaurants.
Rural locations tends to be at the lower end of price ranges, capital cities will be at the higher end. As a basic guide; Africa typically has more homestays. Central America is typically cheaper than South America. South East Asia has the best choice of good quality inexpensive guest houses.
Top Tip; We are happy to create options that only include low cost accommodation options.

Many of the accommodation options are priced to include breakfast and sometimes an evening meal. This will be the case with all homestays. We have partners that provide lunch in the offices. Many volunteers have been invited to the homes of their hosts to sample their traditional home cooking.
Top Tip; Take advice from your partner organisation; the local staff will know the best value food markets and restaurants and most will love to act as your local gastronomic guide.

Visa requirements and their costs vary considerably from one country to another and rules can often change at very short notice without warning. We know the costs of every type of visa at each of our country destinations and we can advise you on the likely costs for your preferred destinations. As a general rule a tourist visa is often sufficient for assignments of less than 30 days. We are happy to create your assignment options within countries where the visa cost is not prohibitive. A small number of our partners are able to cover the costs of visas.
Top Tip; Remain open to multiple countries or regions so that we can source assignment options where the visa cost will be lower.
Travel Insurance
If you know you are going to be travelling overseas more than once in the year consider an annual policy rather than single trip cover. Please check with the provider that the policy covers you as a volunteer and that the cover allows the full duration of your assignment in one trip (some limit this to 30 days).
Top Tip; Shop around for the best deals using online price comparison sites such as or Check with your credit card provider for their offers.
Airport pickups
Many of our partners offer airport pick-ups and a return drop-off free of charge.

What am I paying for?

The placement fee is a contribution towards the cost of sourcing and administering an individually tailored placement; this fee is supplemented by other sources of income to cover the full cost of facilitating an overseas placement. We will evaluate your skills & experience, location preferences, interests, consider your budget and concerns about travelling before creating your assignment options. Our experienced programmes team will help you prepare for your assignment through the transfer of detailed scope of works and past volunteer reports. The team will advise and assist on all travel related matters such as visa, vaccinations, in-country travel and flights and will look after you whilst on assignment.

We have now placed over 1000 accountants and have a wealth of experience available to you should you need assistance with any work related matters. Our individually tailored service will provide peace of mind that the assignment is right for you and give reassurance that if something unexpected happens experienced people are close at hand to assist you immediately. 

It is essential that our volunteers are viewed as independent and impartial, therefore we are entirely self-funded and do not receive or seek funding from either government or charitable institutions that would affect our impartiality and deprive other NGOs of essential funding. Our financial independence means we and our volunteers can discuss difficult issues with our partners in an open and honest way, thereby establishing a level of trust higher than any donor organisation. This independence enables us to commit to the long term support of all our partners.
Our aim is for all our partners to be self-reliant and sustainable and we believe to do this we as an organisation must lead by example. We hope that by committing to the delivery of an excellent service that provides both our partners and our volunteers with an equal exchange of benefits our organisation will achieve all our goals. 


Why is there a surcharge if flights and accommodation are provided? 

For placements where the partner organisation can cover the cost of flights & accommodation, there is a surcharge of £400. It is an acknowledgement that the vast majority of our volunteers have to cover the cost of their flights and/or accommodation themselves, enabling AfID to keep the costs as even as possible for all of our volunteers. Please note, that even with the surcharge, the placement fee is still a contribution (albeit a larger one) towards the cost of administering the placement. Our service is tailored, and where volunteers do not want assignment options that would entail a surcharge being paid, we will not provide these.

Do your partners overseas pay for my services?

No charges of any kind are made to independent grassroots charities based overseas. This means we can continue to support a large number of small, otherwise neglected community based non-profit organisations that would otherwise struggle to access this expertise locally or from overseas. International registered charities, social enterprises and for-profit companies pay an administration charge for UK & overseas assignments.