How much does it cost?

Volunteer Placement Fee         £895

The placement fee is a contribution towards the cost of sourcing and managing your unique and individually tailored placement. We will carefully evaluate your skills, experience, location, preferred dates of travel, interests and create assignments options that closely match your profile and importantly your budget. Our experienced team will provide you with peace of mind that the assignment is right for you and give reassurance that our we are always close at hand.

Every one of the 300+ organisations you could support is different and therefore the cost profile of every assignment is also different; with many organisations able to assist with accommodation, visas, transport and meals. Some assignments offer flights and even a daily allowance.

If you would like your partner or a friend to accompany you and you would like AfID to arrange an assignment for your plus one, an additional placement fee of £595 will apply. Please note your plus one does not need to be an accountant. Click for more information on volunteering as a pair.

What am I paying for?


Primarily, you are paying to receive a bespoke set of two or three assignment options for you to choose from, which are individually tailored to match your availability, preferences and skill set and to ensure you maximise your impact while volunteering. In addition, you also receive the reassurance that you'll be going to a partner organisation that has been properly vetted, where there is a genuine need, and where you'll have a clear terms of reference to structure the assignment and ensure its success. We will provide a wide variety of help and guidance materials before and during the assignment, both relating to the assignment brief as well as practical logistical matters, and be on hand to provide assistance if something unexpected was to happen while on placement. For a more detailed breakdown on support provided please click here.


Do your partners also make a contribution?


Our partners make a modest contribution towards AfID’s costs of facilitating and managing the placements. This is higher for larger, more established organisations who would usually have specific funding to allocate to a programme such as ours. More than half of all our partners also contribute to part of our volunteers’ travel, accommodation and living costs whilst on placement. It is the combination of the volunteer & partner fees, and the fees from recruitment services that enable us to provide our services at very low cost to the majority of our partners - local, grassroots charities or start-up and early stage social enterprises - who would otherwise be unable to access or afford skilled accounting and finance professionals. 



Attendees of the AfID Workshop are entitled to a one-time discount of £50. Volunteers that return to volunteer a second and third time will be entitled to a £50 discount for each of their previous assignments (maximum returning volunteer discount of £100).

Please contact us and we will be happy to explore which assignments best suit your budget.