Will I make a difference?

Assessing the impact and success of AfID assignments

After every volunteer assignment, AfID undertake a detailed analysis of the relative success of the placement and the impact on the partner organisation. This is done in collaboration with both the partner and returning volunteer to ensure we have a thorough understanding of achievements and challenges.

Conducting a thorough analysis of each assignment allows us to ensure the work of our volunteers is effective and continues to build the capacity and sustainability of our partners in an appropriate manner. It also allows us to make incremental changes to the volunteer programme where necessary, as we look to continually increase both the impact of assignments and the volunteer experience.


How do we go about assessing impact and success?

When evaluating assignments, we use a range of criteria to assess:


•    The impact on the organisation
•    The impact on the local finance team
•    The impact on wider environment: e.g. relationship with donors and other stakeholders


In addition, to help us make improvements to the programme we also look at the following areas:


•    Pre-departure engagement from partner and volunteer
•    Clarity of objectives and scope of work 
•    Availability of local staff/engagement of local staff
•    Capacity building of team
•    Social integration of volunteer
•    Any issues on assignment for volunteer and/or partner
•    Likelihood of follow up placement and returning volunteer


What does our assessment show?

•    99.3% of partners feel their finance staff are now more confident and better able to perform their duties
•    99.2% of partners feel communication has improved between Finance, Programme and Management staff
•    100% of partners feel management & programmes staff have an increased financial awareness and understand internal controls and procedures
•    97.4% of partners feel donor relationships have strengthened
•    99.2% of partners feel the need for good financial management is now seen to be an essential part of the organisation’s success

In addition, 85.71% of our returning volunteers over the first quarter of 2018 have stated that they are either ‘very likely’ or ‘likely’ to volunteer with us again based on their experience.


What does ‘Impact’ actually look like?

Through a series of new case studies we have provided some real life practical examples of what can be achieved on assignment and the vital impact you can have as an accounting volunteer:

Olivia in Ghana: Six-week assignment supporting Bright Generation
Andrew and Jeannette in Tanzania: Six-week assignment supporting Anza Entrepreneurs
Matt in Guatemala: Two-week assignment with Amigos De Santa Cruz
Tim in Kenya: Two-month assignment with Restart Africa
Harriet in Cambodia: Six-month assignment with the Cambodian Rural Development Team