Volunteer Presentations

At each workshop one of our past volunteers will give a presentation on their assignment and talk about their experiences. They will happily answer any questions you may have. I'm sure you will find it refreshing to hear other volunteers have had similar concerns to your own and you'll find quite inspiring to hear how they overcame their concerns to go onto have rewarding assignments.

Whist we are unable to show you videos of these presentations we have attached their powerpoint presentations to short case studies. Follow the links below and you'll find some great insights and pictures of life on assignment.

John (FCMA) - Butterflies, India (3 months)

Karim (ACA)- Dream Achievers Youth Organisation, Kenya & Kyaninga Child Development Centre, Uganda (10 weeks)

Kate (ACA) - Helping Overcome Obstacles Peru, Peru (6 weeks)

Chizoba (ACMA) - Brooklyn Bridge 2 Cambodia, Cambodia (7 weeks)

Carl (PQ CIMA) - Cambodia Rural Development Trust, Cambodia (3 months)