AfID Webinar: Strengthening your finance function






An insight into how your finance function could be strengthened through the support of a highly qualified AfID volunteer, or paid consultant, either in-person or remotely.

In this 60 minute session you will:

  • Learn about the challenges facing our non-profit partners, and how we're helping them overcome these.
  • Find out about the different ways AfID can help you; from conducting a 'finance & accounting health check' to providing coaching to a new FO or FM or introducing a new accounting system.
  • Hear from our partner, HIPZ, who have received AfID volunteers, both in-person and remotely, and how these capacity strengthening placements have helped them.
  • Hear questions and answers put to the AfID team.

If you have any questions or queries about the webinar, our volunteer programme or to discuss your individual circumstances and how we can help, please do get in touch. Email or call +44 (0)208 123 7552.