How many volunteers will we receive each year?

Our programme is driven by the needs of our partners and our volunteers’ availability, so there is no fixed number of volunteers or an end date for the programme. This is an on-going, collaborative programme and we will continue to provide support for as long as you our partner, our volunteers and we all agree it is appropriate.
It is important that all our partners continue to demonstrate their commitment throughout the programme. Local finance staff must be available for at least 20 hours a week for the entire duration of each assignment and key management staff must be available to support the volunteer and implement agreed changes. Failure to meet these requirements is likely to result in the termination of the partnership.
Can you help us with non accounting activities? 
We often have volunteers who wish to support partners with other tasks, or that travel with a friend or partner with alternative skills and experience. If you would like non-accounting support, please highlight these on the partner registration form. On assignments partners are encouraged to walk volunteers through their organisation’s activities as our volunteers are often willing to add value in many other ways. 
Additional responsibilities can include:
  • Assisting with funding proposals
  • Teaching Microsoft Office; Excel, Word & Powerpoint
  • Teaching English 
  • Coaching sports 
  • Business development & young entrepreneur skills training