How much does it cost?

We charge modest administrative fees to organisations, which will depend on the annual income of the organisation and the duration of the assignment.
For more details please email your enquiry to
How is your programme funded?
Every volunteer pays us an administrative fee, details of this can be found here. It is the combination of the volunteer & partner fees, and the fees from recruitment services that enable us to run our technical assistance and capacity building programme. This means that around 85-90% of our partners – local, grassroots charities and early stage social enterprises – benefit from our programme, and get access to qualified, experienced accounting & finance professionals at very low cost.
Our model of funding ensures that we remain financially independent and sustainable as an organisation. This in turn means that both we and our volunteers can discuss and advise on difficult issues in an open and honest way; establishing a very high level of trust - in a way that donor organisations might not be able to. We are able to work independently and impartially; tailoring programmes of support to meet the needs of individual partners.
Do we need to cover the volunteers travel & accommodation expenses?
AfID does not cover our volunteers’ travel and living costs. Whilst it is not essential for partners to contribute towards these costs, we encourage all our partners to give serious consideration to providing support of some nature. Volunteers are often on limited budgets and support with accommodation (including offering homestays), airport transfers, visas and assistance with office-based lunches will be gratefully received and increase the pool of individuals for whom such a placement will be financially viable. For placements of more than 4 weeks, we strongly recommend that at a minimum accommodation is provided.