ASTRADE, Lomie, Cameroon

Association pour la traduction et le développement holistique de l'Etre humain (ASTRADHE) is a NGO working with the Baka and Cantu communities in the Lomié, Messok, and Ngoyla districts of Cameroon, who are hunter gatherer groups. They translate educational materials in written and audio format into their mother tongue to increase access to education, promote multilingual literacy and to validate and promote the vibrant cultures of these minority and marginalised groups. ASTRADHE also promote early childhood health and support sustainable management of natural resources.

ASTRADHE are the local partner of the US based charity, Chasing Two Rabbits at Once. They engage with community preschools, training teachers and creating educational materials. They record educational materials that can be played on mp3 players so local teachers, who have limited literacy levels, can use them. Chasing Two Rabbits was set up as a fundraising entity, run by US based volunteers. ASTRADHE currently have around 10 paid local staff in Cameroon and their working language is French. The organisation has been operating with small-scale budgets and operations but have recently received an international grant that has raised their income five-fold – they need now to adjust staff and systems to be able to manage the increased responsibilities.