Dabaso Tujengane, Watamu, Kenya

Dabaso Tujengane are a small CBO formed in 2015, with programmes focussing on public health. They have four programmes they are running at present:

  • A campaign to inform & educate the community about jigger infections (a neglected tropical disease), offer treatment and prevention options.
  • Increasing awareness of, and creating demand for HIV, Family Planning and Maternal and Child Health services; this is to encourage that the community is aware of its HIV status, and women are freely able to practice family planning with the support of their husbands/partners.
  • Reducing dropout rates in primary schools through:
    • Life-skills education for school going children, who are otherwise motivated to leave school to earn money from tourism.
    • Educating and supporting girls who are starting their menstrual cycle, and enrolling them to receive supplies of reusable sanitary pads so that the lack of pads does not hinder their concentration or attendance.

Dabaso Tujengane started out as an informal group, and have only formalised themselves. They have started receiving funding as implementing partners of larger, more established NGOs. They recently appointed a part-time accountant who is responsible for their day-to-day accounting; they also receive support from PathFinders International, who are the lead implementors of a USAID-funded programme in meeting their donor compliance and reporting requirements.

For more information, visit their website.