Orkidstudio, Kenya, Kenya

Their mission is create high quality and affordable buildings that significantly impact health and promote education and equality. Ultimately, it is to bring about social change through building.

Orkidstudio look at buildings not as a product, but as a process, which they can shape to maximise social impact. They build with care, work to empower others and leave a legacy that reaches far beyond completion.

Selecting local materials from nearby suppliers, the organisation is committed to supporting the local economies around the area and promoting sustainable and responsible procurement. Employing local staff, with a particularly strong focus on engaging women in construction, Orkidstudio invests time in training and building leadership skills to support the future development of those we work with.

Orkidstudio’s services encompass every aspect of delivering a building, from concept design through to completion. Throughout each phase - design, preparation and construction - they focus on including and working with the local community.


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