Restart Africa, Gigil, Kenya

Restart Africa cares for over 100 children, aged from just a few months old, in a safe and secure orphanage with the majority of the children having suffered sexual abuse and deprivation in the past.

The organisation aims to tackle the causes of child abuse by supporting a number of initiatives which are providing work opportunities and employment for the local community. Some of the initiatives include:

  • A ‘women’s group’ project designed to provide employment and economic independence for the women in the local area and the Maasai Mara in Kenya. Over 300 workers make clothing, jewellery, leather goods and accessories using traditional and modern craft skills and earn money to support themselves and their families.
  • An agri-project whereby a farm is tended too and provides fresh vegetables for the children at the orphanage, selling surplus supplies to the local community. The project provides workers with food, employment, money, training and self-respect.
  • Using recyclable waste to make smokeless smokeless fuel pellets that burn hotter and cleaner than charcoal to supplies local lodges, schools and homes. The project provides employment for Restart youths and has great potential to generate revenues for the charity.
  • Harvest, dry and process herbs to produce therapeutic teas or capsuples which are then sold. Each stage of the process, from tending the garden to running the clinic, provides employment and self-respect for members of the local community as well as healthy remedies.

The main objectives of the charity are to rescue homeless children from the streets of Kenya where drugs, violence and prostitution are rife and to provide a home for these children as well as education, care and counselling. They are also aiming to uplift and empower the community through training and employment opportunities.

Education in Kenya is not free therefore Restart sponsors every child under their care to attend local schools in the area. Restart also has a team of dedicated onsite staff which keep the orphanage safe and running day to day, including a social worker, teachers, cooks, nursery staff, cleaners and security.

The charity’s motto “Think not what you are, but what you can become” underlines our belief that given the love and opportunity that Restart provides, our children will all have wonderful futures ahead…

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