Team Kenya Ndhiwa Community Development and Empowerment Project (NCEDP), Homa Bay, Kenya

Team Kenya is a UK based NGO which works in Kenya to educate girls, empower women and transform communities. They work with girls aged 10-17 and their mothers, aiming to bring about long-term and sustainable change. Their work on gender issues also includes the wider community to engage men and boys.

Team Kenya is celebrating its 10th anniversary as an NGO this year.


Their strategy focuses on 3 main areas:

  1. Providing access to quality and holistic education for girls. This is achieved through peer support and homework groups; purchasing educational resources; providing a conducive environment for study, such as solar lamps, IT training and libraries and teacher training courses; promoting healthy living with access to water and sanitary products; and creating income generating activities for schools.
  2. Generating increased food security and income for women. This includes vocational training in key areas such as agriculture and finance; providing access to start-up capital for businesses and facilitating savings and loans groups and co-operative farming.
  3. Creating safe communities. They tackle issues such as gender based violence through extra-curricular activities like mixed gender football.

Team Kenya delivers its programmes through their Kenyan partner, Ndhiwa Community Development and Empowerment Project (NCEDP), which was founded in 2007 and is run by local community members. Team Kenya fundraises and oversees operations for NCEDP, the 2 organisations are essentially 1 entity.


For more information, please visit their website.