The National Gay & Lesbian Human Rights Commission (NGLHRC), Nairobi, Kenya

Founded in 2012, NGLHRC is the first such organisation in Kenya, working to support and empower LGBTIQ individuals through a variety of programmes and initiatives:

  • Provision of free legal aid on cases covering issues of discrimination, sexual and gender violence, and forceful evictions.
  • Strategic litigation, selecting cases that are in the public interest to positively affect and change the lives of LGBTIQ individuals in Kenya.
  • Train first responders to help preserve evidence & accompany people to police stations, and support them in the response to any violations against LGTBIQ individuals.
  • Because women – recognising that women are under more pressure than men, because they are subject to patriarchy and sexism. They offer monthly forums and hold an annual camp, with the objective of creating networks for these women.
  • Advocacy, for example, on decriminalisation of same-sex relationships in Kenya.

Whilst NGLHRC’s programmatic work started in 2013, because of the focus of the organisation, they struggled with getting formal and legal recognition as a not for profit until 2015. Until this point, they were receiving and managing funds through a fiscal host. Their issues in finance have stemmed from the historical set up and transition of managing funds through a fiscal host and therefore not needing dedicated finance staff, to managing the funds themselves.


For more information, please visit their website.