Tiyatien Health, Zwedru, Liberia

‘Tiyatien” (pronounced [tea-­‐ya-­‐tine] ) means both ‘truth’ and ‘justice,’ and is derived from Kwa, the local dialect in south east Liberia. Traditional hospital-based services are failing to reach the world’s most remote villages. Nowhere is this crisis worse than in post-war Liberia, where more than 60% of the nation’s rural population lacks access to essential healthcare.

Based in Zwedru, Liberia, Tiyatien Health is creating a new health workforce to bring care to remote villages.

The organisation trains community members and former patients to serve as frontline health workers, delivering comprehensive home‐based medical and social services to communities previously deemed unreachable.
In 2011, Tiyatien Health’s 23 front line health workers conducted nearly 17,000 home visits, providing more care, supervision and accompaniment than would ever be possible through hospital-based health systems. This year, Tiyatien Health designed a program for a more extensive training curriculum to enable new front line health workers to provide comprehensive health services in even more remote communities. Tiyatien Health has partnered with the Liberian Ministry of Health, Merlin, and Harvard Medical School to rebuild rural clinical services by providing inpatient and outpatient care at Martha Tubman Memorial Hospital.

Tiyatien Health provides food and transportation stipends to patients, conducts agricultural and small business trainings, and facilitates the region’s only community-based support groups for people living with HIV/AIDS and depression. Tiyatien Health accompanies the Liberian government to develop stronger national health policies. By leveraging its relationship with Harvard University, Tiyatien Health shares its evidence-based research on a number of health policy planning committees in order to shape bolder national strategies ,particularly in the realm of rural health delivery.
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Partners in Health (PIH)
International Partner

PIH was founded in 1987 to deliver health care to the residents of the mountainous Central Plateau in Haiti. In the 20 years since then, PIH has expanded its operations to eight other sites in Haiti and five additional countries and has launched a number of other initiatives. The work of Partners In Health is uniquely situated within "Four Pillars" of institutional support at their headquarters in Boston, Massachusetts.

PIH's work as a non-profit focusing on delivery of quality health care in poor communities benefits from longstanding ties to Harvard Medical School and one of its teaching hospitals, the Brigham and Women’s Hospital, as well as a more recent affiliation with the François-Xavier Bagnoud Centre for Health and Human Rights at the Harvard School of Public Health. These alliances enable them to translate their lived experience serving the destitute sick into clinical and operational research, education and training paradigms, and programs and policies that reduce health disparities and improve treatment outcomes.
Please see their website for more information: www.pih.org