Hope for Relief Organisation, Chitipa, Malawi

Hope for Relief Organisation is a youth-led NGO working in the rural Northern Malawian districts of Chitipa and Rumphi. Founded in 2013, Hope for Relief uses a grass root, community engagement model to tackle issues affecting health, environment and education. They aim to create empowered communities which can influence rural development and where vulnerable and disadvantaged groups can thrive.

Their projects address the following issues/risks:

  • Poor attendance of girls in schools – their Keeping Girls Safe in School project creates adequate bathroom and changing rooms for girls in schools, provides reusable sanitary pads, holds engagement meetings with parent and teacher groups and educates on girls’ rights
  • Climate change effects on natural environment and resources – they raise awareness about climate change and promote organic farming through poultry farming income generating activities and planting trees
  • Economic instability – Hope for Relief facilitate women’s Village Savings and Loans groups to give them self-managed economic independence. They also provide vocational training to youths to help them develop their own businesses
  • Child protection/rights – they work to protect children from abuse and poverty and raise awareness on child rights
  • HIV/AIDs – their Prevention of Mother to Child HIV Transmission (PMTCT) project aims to reduce transmission of the disease through education, testing and counselling and community support groups such as Mother Buddies (MBs)

For more information, visit their website.