Water Access Rwanda, Kigali, Rwanda

Water Access Rwanda is a social impact company that focuses on providing clean water solutions to Rwandans. It was founded out of a desire to establish a financially viable and sustainable manual drilling company which creates employment and supports the local economy through providing safe water sources.


The organisation's goal is to eradicate economic water scarcity and use young people as solution providers.

The organisation runs a number of projects:

Filters- They supply different water filter systems for home, companies/ restaurants, schools, and for portable filtration.

Water Wells- Drills and cases boreholes, using manual drilling techniques (augering and percussion tools) to drill boreholes that are minimally intrusive.

Maintenance and Repair- Checks internal well connections, pump and repair wells of existing boreholes.

Geological Surveys- Conduct geological surveys using earth resistivity methods to measure the hardness of the soil, and are able to predict layers of clay, hard stones and sometimes find water.

Community Support- Providing support to communities unable to afford water wells- the project matches communities with sponsors who can contribute to helping to solve water access challenges.

Provides training and education on hygiene and sanitation to ensure that the water source is valued and that instances of waterborne diseases will be reduced.
Organises house-to-house and school trainings to educate communities about hygiene and sanitation.
Supports communities to create WASH committees to manage water sources and help advance water access.

For more information, please visit their website.