Food for His Children (FFHC), Karatu, Tanzania

Food for His Children support those who are materially poor (earning under $1 per day) in rural communities in Tanzania. Through a microloan scheme with dairy goats they provide training in agriculture, animal husbandry, entrepreneurship, savings and biblical values. Their project aims to provide food for the family and access to education and medical care. They provide families with dairy goats which provide nutrition and a means of income. Programme participants receive training on how to care for their goats and maintain small businesses, in return they commit to giving the firstborn kid to another waiting family and return the third born kid to the programme.

The second born can be kept and will add to a growing herd. FFHC will provide ongoing training, veterinary care for the first 3-5 years and start-up grass or seed to feed their goat(s). They also facilitate monthly site meetings where families can stories, ideas and join collective savings groups from which they can access further loans.


FFHC work with families in 11 villages in the Karatu District, totally almost 300 families to date. They work in partnership with village leaders, government vets, pastors and other NGO’s. Families applying to the programme are assessed against their criteria in terms of poverty and ability to care for a goat. Initial training teaches them how to build a shelter for their goat, once built they can then attend the next training and next receive their goat.


For more information, visit their website.