Ilowola Secondary School, Njombe, Tanzania

Ilowola is a Tanzanian secondary school following a model of self- sustainability. The schools aim is to become financially independent and not dependent on student fees, whilst delivering high quality education irrespective of family income.

In order to achieve its goals, Ilowola runs a number of income generating projects that both contribute to the costs of running the school and provide practical educational opportunities to students in business, finance management and technical skills. The staff and students are responsible for the maintenance and management of these projects. Their current projects include: bee keeping, growing and harvesting timber, a school restaurant and shop, and running a franchise shop for mobile network, Vodacom. They also intend to establish and improve poultry, fish and dairy farming, based on lessons learnt from earlier pilot programmes.

Through this model Ilowola has provided a high quality education to local children and the school achieves highly in National and Regional exam results. The school would like to become a flagship school for Tanzania, demonstrating the successful use of a self- sustainable model.

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