Pamoja Leo, Tanga, Tanzania

Pamoja Leo is a UK registered charity operating in Tanzania as a non-profit company. Founded by Edward and Georgina Hill in 2014, the charity’s mission is to transform the care for vulnerable children in Tanzania. They provide free early years education for the most vulnerable children from a day care centre in Tanga, advocating for children to stay living in their family homes. Ed and Georgina found from surveys that the majority of residents in local children’s homes where there because of poverty and not because they did not have families.


Pamoja Leo will also then work with the children’s parents and guardians to develop economic and food security to help them to support their children.


They run another project which works with women and girls, aged 10-16, providing education on reproductive health, entrepreneurship and other key life skills. They also work to empower children through their Change Makers Clubs, run in partner schools. These clubs educate children on their rights and encourage them to start their own community development projects. The first AfID volunteer was Emma Smith who spent 3 weeks with them in August 2018. Emma conducted an internal review of their financial procedures, controls and systems, making recommendations for best practice; helped prepare the income and expenditure report for the past financial year for donors; implemented bank reconciliations and provided training on this process; started introducing a budgeting process; and reviewed PAYE compliance.


For more information, visit their website.