Pikilily Limited, Mwanza, Tanzania

Pikilily aims to bring safe motorcycling to the heart of communities in Tanzania and more broadly across Africa. Motorbikes (“bodabodas”) are a commonly used form of transport in Africa but there is a devas tingly high crash rate amongst bodaboda taxis due to a lack of road safety, regulations and poor quality roads.


Their activities can be summarised into the following two main areas:

Education: Pikilily train the bodaboda drivers on road safety and bike maintenance and help them to get licenses. They also train those who are using bodaboda taxi services, working with NGOs, schools and passenger groups (including women and children). They cover topics such as how to pick a safe driver and bike, how to avoid or manoeuvre out of dangerous journeys/situations and self defence for women using bodaboda taxis alone. Their training with NGOs and companies generate income and enable them to run free community education.

Health: Pikilily are piloting a new project to refurbish broken down eRanger motorcycle ambulances; they are training up 5 local women to ride and maintain these units. The service will be able to reach labouring mothers in rural areas to bring them and their new born babies to hospital for life-saving treatments. The intention is to scale up to 400 ambulances in the next 5 years. The project will make use of the 500 unused ambulance motorcycles bought by the government, with funds to refurbish and equip them with trained drivers.


For more information, visit their website.