Advance Afrika, Kampala, Uganda

Prisons in Uganda have a high rate of overcrowding, largely made up of young people on remand for petty crimes committed through a lack of education or economic opportunity.

Due to the absence of rehabilitation programs or resources in most prisons, many of those young people reoffend after release.

Advance Afrika has formed partnerships with those prisons in order to give business training to inmates and wardens, mainly in entrepreneurship and finance.

Advance Afrika was founded to engage in advocacy, research and public policy analysis to ensure implementation of fundamental human rights and to catalyse people to take responsibility for advancing their rights. They believe that when people's voices are heard and people are welcomed as partners, positive social development based on innovative and transformative actions is possible.

With support from Caritas Switzerland, Advance Afrika is piloting the Youth Entrepreneurship Enhancement Project (YEEP), an entrepreneurial skills development initiative for vulnerable youth in northern Uganda. This initiative is designed to create opportunities for young people who have grown up in IDPs without formal education or employable skills or possibilities to start their own income-generating enterprises. Many of these young people turn to crime and violence. After serving a prison sentence, many return to similar or worse conditions, and the cycle repeats itself.


Advance Afrika is partnering with the prison system to train prison-based social workers, for them to in-turn train young inmates in how to create an income-generating enterprise as a means of reintegration to their homes and communities


They are piloting a mentoring scheme to enegage university students studying entrepreneurship and business to work with young inmates to create income-generating enterprises on their return to their homes and communities


They will provide ongoing mentoring and coaching for these people when they return to their communities and begin their entrepreneurial activities and services.


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