Association of Protected Areas Management Organisations, Belmopan City, Belize

APAMO, the Association of Protected Areas Management Organizations, is Belize’s leading network of non-governmental conservation organizations that seeks to influence and encourage the Belizean society to safeguard the integrity and diversity of Belize’s protected areas system and to ensure that any use of Belize’s natural resources is sustainable. 
APAMO is comprised of 13 protected areas management organizations that collectively co-manage 18 terrestrial protected areas and 9 marine protected areas. Altogether the protected areas managed by APAMO’s members represent 51% of Belize’s land and sea currently under protection, exclusive of forest reserves, and 65% of all co-managed protected areas. 
APAMO is engaged in a number of initiatives and activities in pursuit of its following core objectives: 
  •  Advocate for and contribute to the sustainability and proper management of Belize’s protected areas; 
  •  Influencing national policy; and actively engaging the Government, the private sector, civil society and the donor community to ensure that protected areas contribute meaningfully to Belize’s national development; 
  •  Facilitate the provision of technical support and capacity building for member agencies of the association; 
  • Coordinate, promote or conduct environmental educational activities relating to the objectives of APAMO
Since it was formally established in October 2007, APAMO has accomplished among others the following: 
  • Successfully advocated for legislation and policies that provide for the long term integrity and proper management of protected areas; 
  • Championed the adoption and implementation of the national policy and system plan for Belize’s protected areas system; 
  • Established itself as the largest network of protected areas management organizations in Belize with 13 member organizations responsible for and involved in the management of 18 terrestrial protected areas and 9 marine protected areas
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