Red de Empresarias de Nicaragua, Managua, Nicaragua

Red de Empresarias de Nicaragua (in English, ‘Network of Nicaraguan Business Women’) was founded in 2009, and is a platform for business women in and around the capital city of Managua. The Executive Director, Marina Stadthagen, aims to promote the growth and success of local women, whose projects range from small market stalls to medium sized businesses. With the help and support of REN the women sell their products both locally and online.

REN provides these women with a space to share ideas and learn effective business skills, putting them into contact with one another so that they can see which methods work, which do not and how to make the most of the resources available to them. REN delivers workshops, which train the women in areas such as marketing, public speaking, book-keeping and how to formalise a business. These kind of skills allow them to choose a future of their own and help provide them with better prospects than if they wereall working independently of one another. Not only do these women trade their skills and tips with one another, but they also make lasting friendships and often collaborate in business as a result. Membership of the REN network also gives the women access to important and useful contacts, to help them expand their market reach; with greater financial capacity comes greater freedom.

REN is in the process of developing a national business women’s agenda, which will research and outline where the women’s biggest areas of need are, and how they can overcome them and actively participate in the economic development of the country. At the moment REN works with around 250 women, both in Managua and in other parts of Nicaragua. 

REN works in close collaboration with APEN (Asociación de Productores y Exportadores de Nicaragua), an NGO which builds economic development in Nicaragua. REN also works with local students who are interested in micro-enterprise, and promotes partnerships between the business women and students, to share experiences and mentor each other. This is a unique organisation that has worked hard to create a place for women within the world of businessin Nicaragua, this is a fantastic step forward for women's rights and we hope to see them flourish in the coming years.

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