Sonati, León, Nicaragua

Sonati was founded around 4 years ago, and has grown from strength to strength to the point that it is almost a self sustainable organisation. Sonati's mission is "to educate the next generation about environmental challenges and issues, empowering them to become effective stewards of the land in the future". 

The focus of Sonati is to teach young people in the areas of León and Estelí in Nicaragua the issues that affect the flora and fauna of the Nicaraguan rainforest, and make them aware of how they can help protect the environment and the importance of their ecosystem. Teachers from Sonati go to local classrooms in León and Estelí, and they also hold an annual Forest Festival, full of activities promoting the importance of conservation. Sonati also runs various smaller projects, including recycling awareness, boycotts over the trafficking of animals, and field trips to significant nature spots for students and their families. 

Sonati largely generates its own funds through hostels in León and Estelí, and tours of the regions, where tourists can enjoy volcano boarding and treks through the forest, but benefits from individual donations as well. If you would be interested in going on one of the tours or staying at a Sonati hostel, please visit their website.