Helping Overcome Obstacles Peru, Flora Tristan, Peru

Through education, community development, health services and the support of social workers, HOOP provides better opportunities for over 100 children and their families at the outskirts of Arequipa, Peru.
The four components of the orgainiastion's work create a safe, open and communal space in which everybody can thrive and fully develop their capabilities. By offering a variety of projects HOOP equips the kids with the necessary tools to break out of the cycle of poverty and change their community
HOOP works with three different disadvantaged communities on the outskirts of Arequipa in Peru. These communities live on an average family income of 90 USD and suffer from a lack of governmental assistance and poor access to essential services such as quality education, running water, proper sewage, garbage collection, health and social service. HOOP is a space where the children, parents, volunteers and professionals challenge themselves daily to become more active members in their communities.
HOOP's philosophy is to provide the proper tools for each person to fulfill their capabilities and create new opportunities to break out of poverty. The children participate in English classes after school, followed by an hour of homework help, outdoor activities (carried out by volunteers) and art classes. To support and empower the women and community members HOOP also offers educational classes, social work workshops, access to psychologist and professional health services.
The project has a direct impact on 100 children and their families by providing them with educational skills, vocational training and social services. It requires the work with the entire family to empower the mothers and encourage the parents to take on more active roles in creating a healthy environment for their children and take on active roles in their education to successfully break the cycle of poverty. The impact of working with them will create stronger and more supportive communities.

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