Latin American Foundation for the Future, Cusco, Peru

LAFF’ envision a world where children and young people are equipped with essential skills in order to break out of poverty. Their belief is that with access quality education and employment opportunities young people will be able to build a better future for themselves. LAFF work collaboratively with their partners in order to increase their impact throughout Peru by partnering with local organisations who share LAFF’s aims, principles and values in order to increase their capacity, self-sufficiently and sustainability. 
  • Education: covering the school related costs (enrollment fees, uniform, stationery, after-school tutors and internet) of the children at our partner organizations. 
  • Vocational Training and Career Guidance: providing the children and young people at our partner organisations workshops on a variety of topics covering transferable skills and skills for work. LAFF also fund a number of them to take year-long courses in a particular vocational skill such as Hotel Administration. Lastly they connect the young people to companies where they can do work experience or get jobs.
  • Social Enterprise: providing financial support for their partner organisations to set up and develop social enterprises, providing technical support though Social Enterprise Coordinators who advise in areas such as cost analysis, market research and product marketing. 
  • Cost Reduction: helping partner organisations to reduce their costs, mainly through food production with vegetable gardens, and through renewable energy. LAFF are about to install solar thermal showers at three of their partner organisations so they no longer have to pay for electricity or gas to heat water. 
  • Capacity building: training staff at our partner organisations in areas of non-profit management
Please see their website for more information.