Elevate Campus, Siem Reap, Cambodia

Elevate Campus was founded two years ago by Sophal Strupler, once a Cambodian child adopted by a Swiss family. Sophal traveled in 2010 with her family to visit her home country and the poverty, lack of education and medical aid for children had a profound impact on her. Soon after Sophal decided to move to Siem Reap to support Cambodian children.

Elevate Campus runs the Elevate Kids’ Sponsorship programme which offers education, school material and transportation, clean water and sanitary facilities, dental treatments and medical assistance, glasses, sports activities and creative workshops. As well as visiting the local communities, the organiastion are currently building a communal area where they run activities, workshops and provide medical care. They provide free transportation for the children using these services.

The medical teams treat small wounds and injuries. When professional health is needed they accompany parents and children to a local hospital and take over the treatment costs. They are also in partnership with a local dentist and organise dental treatments with no cost for the families.

Their sports activities create a safe and healthy environment and activities that allow the children to grow discipline, character and self-confidence. These include a bike race track currently being built which is free for all Cambodians to use, organised ‘Fun Ride’ cycling events and the Elevate Cycling Team which competes across the country.

Elevate Campus is also linked with the Christian church, ICF Cambodia which aims to inspire the life of young Cambodian people with a living community and with hope, fellowship and the gospel of Jesus Christ.

To find out more information, visit the websites of Elevate Campus and ICF Cambodia