Restore One, Kampong Thom Province, Cambodia

Restore One have been making a positive impact on the lives of countless Cambodians, here they have helped to rebuild and improve schools in order that children, no matter what background they have come from, are able to access a quality education. The need for education in Cambodia is extreme as poverty is rife and many families cannot afford to send their children to school, this is especially true of the rural areas where forced labour and slavery present a real threat to young people desperate for money. 

It is with this in mind that Restore One have established a cafe and training centre for young women, this allows the women to spend a year gaining vocational skills, including a working proficiency of the English language which affords the women much greater employment options in the lucrative tourism and hospitality industries. The cafe serves as a training ground and creates a safe environment in which disadvantaged young women can develop their skills and plan for a brighter future.

They recognise that education can be the difference between a life in abject poverty and a life of prosperity. It is for this reason that they help to develop a school which now serves over 300 children where they are -

  • Providing nutritious school lunches for the students, which will improve concentration and general wellbeing.
  • Raising the wages of the teachers to a level that allows them to live with dignity and afford transport to work.
  • Bringing professional teachers from Australia, to conduct professional development courses for the local teachers.
  • Providing English language classes for the students, which maximise employment opportunities in adulthood.
  • Positioning the school as a focal point for the local community, with life-skills classes for adults, in areas such as quality parenting and health/hygiene principles.

Restore One also work to provide housing for the disadvantaged rural communities, this is achieved through a combined effort on behalf of Restore One volunteers and local labour forces so that the opportunity for income and employment is created in the process. These houses are designed specially to withstand the elements; notably the monsoon season in Cambodia which often presents the issue of flooding and subsequent destruction. As such the houses are built of timber and set on raised stilts to avoid the potential damage, but also this helps to maintain the cost-effectiveness of the housing projects. The houses themselves are reserved for the genuinely needy and are given to them on the condition that the house is maintained as a safe, positive environment for children and that the household income is spent on providing for the children and ensuring that they receive an education.

They also operate a textile and jewellery micro-business skills development workshop which aims to promote business skills and education to disadvantaged mothers so that they can provide more effectively for their families. This empowers the women through a sustainable income, whilst also developing their life skills and avoiding more gruelling farming labour.

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