Oorja Development Solutions, New Deli, India

Oorja is a start-up social enterprise that is deploying solar solutions to supply reliable and affordable clean energy solutions across the agricultural value-chain in rural India.


It designs, installs, operates and maintains distributed solar energy systems for productive uses to replace diesel engines and motors used in farms and small rural businesses, and acts as an energy and irrigation service provider.


At present, they design, install and operate two clean, scalable products:

  • Solar mini-grids, that are used to supply electricity largely to small, rural businesses, but also low-income households in the nearby vicinity. They are operating one mini-grid and will be deploying two more by the end of the year.
  • Solar community irrigation pumps, that are designed to provide access to affordable irrigation services year-round on demand to small groups of farmers. They are operating three community solar pumps, and will be deploying three more in September.

Oorja is still very much an early stage start-up organisation, but with ambitious plans of growth. They are a for profit social enterprise, incorporated in the UK as a holding company, and operating as a wholly-owned subsidiary in India. Until recently they were offered seed funding through grants, awards and individual donations. They are now seeking to finance the organisation using a debt/equity model and are close to securing funding from 2-3 investors in the upcoming months. In expanding and aiming to become a leading providor of solar energy services to rural businesses, households and farmers, they aim to:

  • Reduce expenses on diesel and kerosene fuels, offering an affordable, clean alternative to households, business owners and farmers.
  • Increase productivity and income among farmers and small businesses to stimulate the local economy.
  • Mitigate climate change by reducing greenhouse emissions from fossil fuels.

For more information, visit their website.