Oorja Development Solutions, New Deli, India

Oorja is a mission-driven for-profit social enterprise registered in the UK and India. Its mission is to close the energy access gap by providing reliable, affordable and sustainable energy services within emerging markets to revitalise the rural economy, alleviate poverty and fight climate change. We are a project developer of solar systems to power rural livelihoods, specialising in solarising diesel engines used along the agricultural value chain. Oorja currently operates in two verticals, On-Farm and Off-Farm Agro. We deploy PAYG community solar irrigation systems providing year-round access to affordable irrigation water for smallholding farmers. Plug-and-Play solar mini-grids supply reliable electricity to SMEs along the agricultural value chain and nearby low-income households. Leveraging the latest smart control, monitoring and payment technologies, state-of-the-art tools for design and business planning, and a lean operational model, Oorja aims to deploy 100 mini-grids and 500 solar pumps by 2022, increasing income-generating opportunities among 5,000 rural businesses and 9,000 marginal farmers and saving 50,000 tons of CO2.

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