Education Training and Service for Community , Hetauda, Nepal

Education Training and Service for Community (ETSC) work to empower marginalized and vulnerable communities in the Makwanpur district of Nepal and provide opportunities to access resources.

Their mission is to enhance the access to resources of marginalised vulnerable communities to establish a prosperous and righteous society. To achieve their goals they run a number of programmes designed to increase the capacity of local communities.




  • To increase the health and well-being of pregnant women and infants and thereby reduce deaths across 75 wards of Makwanpur district of Nepal
  • To establish 25 Women’s Health Committees (WHC) per year for three years, who, supported by a Men’s Support Group (MSG), will each develop and oversee a health and literacy education programme for women and adolescent girls in their ward.
  • Develop a business skills and savings skills toolkit to help local women transform their subsistence activities into small scale income generating ones, and provide technical support such as growing specialist crops.
  • Nine Maternal Health Committees, made up of men and women, will lobby for improvements in mother and child health services through government medical centres, health posts and Sub Health Posts. Collectively they will lobby national government for improvement sin long term sustainable mother and child health.

Educational Support programme:

  • Provides support and access to education to marginalised children by establishing the support fund with the help of the local community people.

Resilient Livelihood:

  • “Securing food for the poor” programme aims to ensure food security and sustain livelihoods with increased production and incomes through improved natural resource management, skills enhancement and access to appropriate technologies and resources.
  • Reaching Across the Border to Prevent HIV and AIDS:
  • Raises awareness of HIV in schools and amongst migrant workers:

Stop the Traffic End Slavery:

  • Nepal is facing a rise of girl trafficking due to a pervasive lack of female empowerment and an acute absence of overall awareness woman are trafficked to border countries for prostitution. ETSC is working with girls and victims and focuses on prevention, intervention and rehabilitation.
  • ETSC came referred to us by their UK donor Feed the Minds who thought they could use support to strengthen their financial management.