Sakcham Rural Nepal, Kathmandu, Nepal

Sakcham is a Nepalese NGO, established in 2015. Sakcham means capable or able, a fitting name for an organisation that aims to empower local people and leaders by elevating poverty, connecting youth to their cultural heritage, training local women in income generating activities and supporting vulnerable children. They are based in Kathmandu and support communities in the surrounding rural areas. They run training from a centre in the capital, transporting and housing those who would otherwise be unable to attend.

Their current projects include: a training programme for local youth and women at their Kathmandu centre, an entrepreneurship programme for women in the Newakot district and education and caring programme for children in the Morang district. They are a young and developing organisation with many future plans for more projects and services. One such is an eco-friendly training centre and training in literacy, basic bookkeeping and good governance.


For more information, please visit their website.